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Bamboo Crafts and Furniture is a small family owned and run business. Our workshop and show room are located in the village of Calla Creek in the Cayo district, 7 miles out of San Ignacio Town toward Benque-Viejo Del Carmen on the border with Guatemala.

We have been working with bamboo in Belize for over 16 years.

Our Bamboo Farm

The bamboo is cultivated on the lush river bank of "Soldier creek" on our farm located off the western highway in central Belize. We follow an ancient tradition of harvesting the bamboo on the full moon. This practice ensures the health and durability of the bamboo. Every full moon we carefully select and harvest only the fully mature poles; thenwe load it up on a trailor and trasnsport it to our workshop in Calla Creek.

Our Workshop

At our workshop we stack it according to its size and let it dry slowly in the partial sun.

All our furniture is handcrafted and assembled using bamboo pegs which avoid the problem of rust that metal develops, particularly here in the tropics. We custom design all our furniture specific to our customers needs. All our designs are unique and every piece is "one of a kind" due to the particular characteristic of the bamboo used in any one piece. Our aim is to craft our furniture with a particularly rustic and tropical looks.

Also, we are now actively looking for people who are interested in developing or investing in bamboo farming or cultivating new varieties of bamboo. If you have any information on bamboo varieties or are interested in investing in tropical farm land in Belize, please contact us at:

Bamboo Crafts and Furniture Factory
c/o Saeed Assales, General Delivery, San Ignacio Town, Belize, Central America
Cell phone: 501-663-2460

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